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june, 2016

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Internship 2016

About the program:
ACHIEVERS LEAGUE USA recently completed its first internship program with great success, students from the following schools attended this event: Rock Ridge High School, Urbana High School, Churchill High School and Bucknell University.
This free and comprehensive program is designed to inculcate scientific writing skills for a successful scientific career in future.
Who are the mentors and students?

The CEO of the company Dr. Smita Kakar said “We used various tools and cutting edge technology to make students aware of the recent trends in scientific writing. We began by helping students to develop a game plan for future by writing their immediate and long-term goals. This is necessary as many students get confused as what they want to do in their career. Later in the internship, we involved them in activities that helped them in realizing their goals. This was the first exposure of these students to a peer-review process, something that they will do on an everyday basis in their scientific careers”. Dr. Kakar is an alumnus of Iowa State University and NIH and lives in Frederick, MD. She has been a part of various career development committees while she was at the NIH.
What did students learn?
This internship involved taking an eight-week basic scientific writing coursework accompanied with weekly assignments. It also included completing two professional tasks such as writing the content of an educational website and interviewing a colleague/fellow scientist. One of the goals of ACHIEVERS LEAGUE USA is to eradicate plagiarism from the scientific society and help students understand the repercussions of plagiarism in science.
The following students completed the internship program:
Kerra Mercon: Kerra Mercon is a senior at Bucknell University studying Mechanical Engineering. On campus, she participates in student research and acts as an engineering tour guide and teaching assistant. In 2017, she hopes to attend graduate school to attain a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. In the future, she hopes to develop assistive technology to assist those with degenerative diseases. Kerra is also the recipient of the Best Intern Award during this internship, which is given based on their performance in the internship tasks.
Ajay Kamalakannan: Ajay is a rising 12th grader at Rock Ridge High School.  He received William and Mary Leadership Award and was in the Top 8 of Quarter-Finals Science Bowl Competition at Jefferson Labs.  He is interested in Computer Science and likes programming.  Ajay would like to pursue computer science in college and complete an MS/Ph.D. degree in the same field.  Ajay wants to work as an architect in his field.
Garyk Brixi: Garyk Brixi is a freshman attending Churchill High School. He is the winner of the 2016 GENIUS Olympiad and Montgomery Area Science Fair. Garyk hopes to continue conducting independent research in the coming years and wants to pursue Ph.D. in Biochemistry.
Sagar Matharu: Sagar is a junior at Urbana High School and plans on going to Georgetown University for an M.D./Ph.D program. Sagar has a burning passion for science, math, and medicine. He has experience in management and analysis. Also, he knows two coding languages, HTML and Python. Sagar aspires to be a physician-scientist in the field of oncology to find a better way to treat adrenal and lung cancer.
Here’s what the students have to say about the coursework:
“The course clearly laid out formats for important documents. Student interaction also exposed me to new writing techniques and an editorial experience. The graded assignments made me practice writing over the summer.”
“This course has essentially shown me that college is more than just studying. Knowing how to write and communicate would make a world of difference in my future. Proper communication is vital in the real world.”
“Scientific writing course helped me better communicate through writing. I learned useful skills on how to write a resume, CV, personal statement, and cover letter which will help me in the future. I learned important rules of writing professionally and effectively.”
“It helped me in that I learned how to write different types of scientific articles. I learned to collaborate and work together as a team. Also, I enjoyed doing the different tasks I was assigned.”
“The course helped me to understand how to write research papers. I learned to work together and collaborate in a work environment. I enjoyed learning about the different scientific writing types. This helped me write a lot better in scientific writing.”
“This course was helpful in giving me experience in peer revision. It gave me an opportunity to learn to read my own work more carefully and provide detailed comments to help others improve. Additionally, it was helpful to gain insight into the strength of my own writing.”
This year 25 local students applied for the program, and seven of them were selected for the internship program. Out of these, four students completed the comprehensive program. The program concluded by interns presenting a seminar on what they learned in front of fellow interns and a senior scientist, who talked about the importance of writing skills and networking in a scientific career.
The applications for the summer internship program are accepted throughout the year. Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply for this program. The minimum eligibility is to have a background in science and an aptitude to listen and learn. The selection process is based on CV, letter of recommendations, your excitement about science, and an interview.


June 10 (Friday) 1:00 am - August 14 (Sunday) 1:00 am EST


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Our mission

Our mission is to help students and scientists develop scientific writing skills and to provide resources to researchers to communicate efficiently. One of our major goals is to eradicate "Plagiarism" from the scientific society of developing and developed countries. We represent a group of highly trained scientists, physicians and engineers who have developed various training programs to help you write efficiently.

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