Advanced Scientific Writing Course

Advanced Scientific Writing Course is a complete program to learn effective ways of writing high-quality scientific documents. The course includes assignments and peer-review exercises for a comprehensive learning experience.


Registration open for Advanced Scientific Writing Coursework. This course is now offered throughout the year.

Advanced Scientific Writing Course is a complete program to learn effective ways of writing high-quality scientific documents. The course includes weekly assignments and peer-review exercises for a comprehensive learning experience. The coursework includes topics such as scientific English grammar, how to write a statement of purposes, letter of recommendations, scientific CV, research articles, review articles, scientific grants and essentially anything that you can think of. This course provides an opportunity to the students to get their assignments published in the format of a newsletter. Importantly, by the end of the coursework, you will have the first draft of a self-written review article. In addition, you will be able to analyze and write interoffice emails and cover letters for a diverse audience. This course also focuses on writing some of the hardest sections of research papers such as abstract, discussion and construction of high-resolution figures. This course is of great benefit to science and non-science students. Undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty benefit extensively from the Advanced Scientific Writing Course. The concepts taught in this course can be applied in effective scientific communication and shape the way science operates today.

Learning objectives
* Enhance and polish use of English language for scientific communications.
* Learn to write and analyze scientific documents for various readers.
* Learn to write and format a review article.
* Gain expertise in peer review work by evaluating assignments and published literature.

Course format
This course is divided into eight weeks, and you will receive constant feedback on your documents from our expert faculty. We use an online portal to make your learning experience more exciting and interactive. You will learn to use audio-visual tools, take quizzes and write assignments, reports, and peer-review work. You will receive a kit containing all the study material that you can use as a reference in the future.

This course is offered online throughout the year.

Students enrolled in Bachelor’s in Science, Master’s or Ph.D. programs are eligible for this coursework. Junior and established faculty members are also eligible to join.

Online and real-time webinars.

Certificate of participation*
All students with a minimum of 75% marks will be eligible for a certificate of completion.

Time commitmen
A time commitment of 5h per week and access to the internet is required to attend classes.

Course material
We will provide all study material.

Dr. Emily Winterbottom, Ph.D.; visionary scientist, author, and mentor.
Dr. Smita Kakar, Ph.D.; professional writer, editor, and scientist.

Customized program
We do offer this course to large groups of students and researchers from distinct organizations. Write to us at if you have questions about our customized program.

Course Reviews


14 ratings
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  1. Good Course


    Nice Course Ciriculum

  2. Very helpful course


    The course enabled me to think and write in a scientific manner! I finally know what goes in a research paper.

  3. This workshop has not only taught me “how to write” and “what to write” but also the most important thing i.e., “what not to write”.


    This course is very nicely designed and enriching to the young minds like me. Through this writing course, I have got lots of opportunity to learn scientific and linguistic nuances involved in the scientific writing. This workshop has not only taught me “how to write” and “what to write” but also the most important thing i.e., “what not to write”. The thing which I would like to suggest is to ask the students/participant to repeat those assignments (any week), if they have not performed the way they should have or accordingly by incorporating feedback while attempting second times, so that they could really know and understand “what was expected” from them in that particular section of assignment. The second point of my suggestions to Achievers league is that; Achievers league should politely enforce/or make a provision where each group members ought to write post-review comments/suggestions for other’s assignment at the end of each assignment (as a footnote) rather than simply correcting spelling mistakes, gaps and punctuations throughout the text. This would be of great help for all and push each member to think beyond their usual thinking realm.

  4. Wonderful opportunity to learn


    Wow, what a course! Besides learning how to write scientific documents, I really learnt a lot about plagiarism in the scientific writing workshop. Thank you Achievers League for teaching me the consequences of plagiarism.

  5. Review part is cool!


    I am very thankful to Achievers League for teaching me how to review documents and research articles. They have also helped me with writing my statement of purpose and in applying to PhD programs in the US. Hoping for the best!

  6. 3

    Thanks to the scientific writing course conducted by Achievers League. They taught me how to read a research paper. I finally know how to write a perfect e-mail.

  7. Nice and reasonable


    I was looking for such a course and found the scientific writing workshop to be very helpful. Thanks to Achievers League. Since this was an online course, the cost was reasonable for two months. I would now like to apply for a technical writing online job. I would like to request Achievers league for the placement of all students.

  8. a lot of information in less volume


    The course moderators deserve a note of appreciation to design the study material that provided a lot of information in less volume! A power point presentation exercise based on a research article could help in making the course excellent. I will tell all my friends to sign up for this course.

  9. my first experience ! amazing course1


    This was my first experience of an online course. I learnt a lot about scientific writing. It will be very helpful in my career.

  10. Assignments made the learning experience even better!


    I really enjoyed being a part of the scientific workshop. The methodology of teaching the art of scientific writing by formation of groups and having to constantly interact with group members and review their assignments made the learning experience even better. The faculty and staff members are friendly and approachable.

  11. wonderful experience for me!


    It was a wonderful experience for me. However, I have one suggestion. The assignment pattern has multiple choice questions, which carry 10 or 20 marks per answer, however if by mistake someone marks the wrong option, then his/her score makes a large difference even though he/she has put a lot of effort in preparing the essay answers such as recommendation letter, abstract writing etc. I would suggest to please reduce the marks given to multiple choice questions (2 or 5 in spite of 10 or 20), then the questionnaires would seem to carry a proportionate marks distribution.

  12. Brilliantly drafted course!


    The advanced writing course helped me develop my written communication skills. The feedback from the faculty is very helpful in the learning process. The mentors deserve a note of thanks for a concise yet brilliantly drafted course material.

  13. Coursework was amazing!


    Achievers League is doing a great job in teaching writing skills to us researchers. I gained a lot from this coursework. I am no longer intimated of reading Cell, Science, Nature papers. Thank you so much!

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  • 90 Days
  • 100 SEATS
  • Course Certificate

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